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Our Chef


Executive Chef. Sunil Chauhan

Sunil Chauhan is a young Indian chef, hailing from the picturesque valleys of Uttarakhand (India).  He earns his Hotel Management degree from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore (India). His formal training in this profession also includes specialized courses in culinary skills from the National Capital. An itinerant family background - with his father serving the Indian Army - facilitated him to travel extensively and gain newer perspectives on life. Apart from his culinary exploits, he is also a passionate photographer and an ardent reader. 


He has known for his exceptional signature cooking style of resuscitates forbidden traditional Indian delicacies to modern practices with a modernistic proposition. Chef Sunil has always believed that Indian food can be light and healthy and has developed a flair for bringing an innovative and fresh approach to Indian Cuisine. He has successfully merged traditional Indian cooking with a touch of modernity without compromising on Flavors and originality of the dish.


Chef Sunil Chauhan has a passion for creating innovative and thoughtful menus that tastefully balance a variety of Flavors and make cuisines appealing to a range of tastes. He takes foremost care in sourcing ingredients for his recipes according to him ingredient is the real soul of any food. He blends Western and Indian cultures to create artful dishes that successfully celebrated tradition with modernity. He is also known for introducing Ayurveda based recipes in the menu to promote healthy Indian food.

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